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parted Auto alignment for best performance

I bought an 3TB Seagate HDD and tried to create one big partition. fdisk is unable to do this but parted could.

I would create only on max sized partition but parted wasn't self explaning how to do this.

I tried:

mkpart primary 0 3001G

And get

Warning: The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance

But what is “properly aligned”?

After some searching, perhaps there less information or I'm incapable, I find a solution here. In the case that I'm not as much incapable as I believed this moment I document the Information here so the next who has this problem perhaps get more hits on google.

parted /dev/sdX
mklabel gpt
mkpart primary 1 -1
print free

It seems that this doesn't work with every version of parted. Using Ubuntu with the same HDD it works using Arch it doesn't. Otherwise follow Instructions hear helsic.de (german).

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