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parted Auto alignment for best performance

I bought an 3TB Seagate HDD and tried to create one big partition. fdisk is unable to do this but parted could.

notify-send from cron

tested with Arch x64 and Gnome 2.3

  • If you send an notfiy-send from a cron and use gnome then you normally get an error message.

XBMC Media Center with Jetway JNC98-525 and Atirc IR-receiver

I want to describe how I put together my home media PC. I will describe the software configuration in connection with the IR-receiver.
As software basis I've used XBMC. For remote control I've chosen the IR-recieve from atric. As hardware base I selected an board build by jetway (JNC98-525). It has HDMI and an NVIDIA ION2 Chipset.

Use iptables as Tarpit

  • A Tarpit is a service on a computer that delays incoming connections as long as possible. So the aggressor lost a lot of time.

Use Epson C1100(n) with Arch Linux

  • Tested with Arch 3.4.4-2 x64

Tomato Color Scheme

Recently I've updated Tomato on my Asus RT-N16 and my Netgear WNR3500Lv1 to Shibbys last version.
Oh … so enough advertising ;-)

I created my own custom.css and now I want to share the result with you.

Temperature Monitoring using an USB Sensor

  • and statistical detection with munin
Productname Hid TEMPerNTC
Link Producer PCSensor
Amazon Link hear (german)

Sqlite2 for BlogTNG on Ubuntu 12.04

I recently installed a DokuWiki on Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition. But after adding BlogTNG I only get an Error 500

Shell in a box for Archlinux

An AJAX web-based fullscreen terminal emulator where you can mark an copy text (depending on your browser, according to my tests opera is optimal). Forget Ajaxterm!

Send Mail when VDR timer-conflict occurs script-based

  • Send Mail when VDR timer-conflict occurs.

Seiichiros mail-setup adapted for Ubuntu: Postfix + Dspam/ClamAV + Dovecot2

To use Seiichiros mail-setup with Ubuntu 10.04 I have to make a couple of changes. I will describe here only these changes. The complete setup can be found on Seiichiros Website.

The Ubuntu 10.04 standard repository doesn't offer a package for dovecot2. Dovecot1 doesn't support lmtp and the antispam plugin has a bug. With use of an additional repository the configurations can be made as described by Seiichiro. I had to made a few adjustments and I integrated support for ClamAV.

Scansystem with Canon CanoScan LiDE 110

Unfortunately, there are still letters, some of them are useful for the tax return or just useful to have in digital form because of searching is much easier. So I want an system which is always ready to use. I bought a scanner and connected it to my Server. But how to use the buttoms on the scanner? So hear the setup for an Canon CanoScan LiDE 110 scanner.

Rootkit Hunter

  • As the name implies, its a tool to detect rootkits.
  • I will describe installation and configuration for arch and ubuntu

Postfix use with gmx

  • How to use postfix to send mails via a public provider.
  • Here an example with gmx using Ubuntu.

Play with Alix2D13 (Archlinux)

I bought an Alix board from PCEngines to experiment a little with it. Here are a few tips, no ready-made solutions for router or something like that only independent problem solver to run the Alix with Archlinux.

Mount Filesystem via SSH

  • SSHFS stands for Secure SHell FileSystem. Its a filesystem for FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) so its possible for unprivileged user to mount the fs over an SSH connection.

Monit with Ubuntu 9.10

  • Using an old configuration without rewriteing it can be causes some problems.
  • Ubuntu 9.10 (monit version: “5.0.x” and 8.04 version: “4.8.x”).

IPSec VPN with Fritzbox

I doesn't realy like Fritzbox's nor IPSec and myself I'm using a Netgear Router with Tomato and OpenVPN but I had to connect to this IPSec VPN from this Fritzbox 7170. I find Shrew IKE to do this and if you also want to connect to Fritzbox IPSec hear you can find out how did you get it to work. I used Arch Linux as IPSec Client.

Gnome gconf-editor

  • Command:

Arch: VLANs in rc.conf

  • the package vconfig is needed in order to use VLANs

 pacman -Sy vconfig
  • There were several approaches in the Forum to configure VLANs in rc.conf. The Problem is: therefor its necessary to do extensive changes in “/etc/rc.d/network”.
  • After a update its possible that all changes are gone.
  • I wasn't interested in doing multiple changes in “/etc/rc.d/network” after updates.
  • That's why I write my own variant. It's only needed to change two lines.
  • With my Script it's only Possible to add VLAN and not to remove.
  • “vconfig” is designed that after a reboot VLAN interface are not configured.
  • If you want to achieve more, further changes have to include into “/etc/rc.d/network” and I wanted to avoid this.


  • First the Script, put it into “/etc/conf.d”.
#       /proc/net/vlan/config
#       /proc/net/vlan/[vlan-device]
# rc.conf:
# /etc/rc.d/network
# vlan settings
#[ -f /etc/conf.d/create_vlans ] && . /etc/conf.d/create_vlans
### Variables ###
### Functions ###
	if [ -e $VCONFIG_PATH ];then
		/usr/bin/lsmod | grep 8021q > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
		if [ $? == 0 ];then
			if [ ! -e $VLAN_PATH$1 ];then
				VLAN_IFACE=`echo $VLANS_DEV | cut -d "." -f1`
				VLAN_ID=`echo $VLANS_DEV | cut -d "." -f2`
				$VCONFIG_PATH add $VLAN_IFACE $VLAN_ID > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
			echo "8021q Module not loaded"
		echo "please install vconfig: pacman -S vconfig"
	vconfig rem $1
### Main ###
if [ ! -e $LSMOD_PATH ];then
	echo "/usr/bin/lsmod not available, unable to check vlan module"
	for vlans in ${VLAN_DEVS[@]}; do
		vlan_add $vlans   
  • Adapt “/etc/rc.d/network” Attention: the changed are gone after update initscripts.
  • Add these lines before the other includes.
# vlan settings
[ -f /etc/conf.d/create_vlans ] && . /etc/conf.d/create_vlans

configure VLANs

  • VLAN interfaces now can be entered in the rc.conf.
  • With “VLAN_DEVS=()” the interfaces were created [Interface.VLAN_ID].
  • Then you can assign an IP-Adresse to the interface. The interface name is “vlan6” for example. This name must not contain “.” or “ ”.




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