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Welcome to my Homepage

Here I will collect the things I know or find out.
I'll write about Ubuntu/Arch Linux, Windows, Bash and Perl Scripting, Virtualisation and whatever else that could be interesting.
All I'm going to write here is tested by myself. I don't give a warranty of the functionality on other systems.

If there are questions, suggestions or something else feel free to send me an mail.

I'm also a hobby photographer, for those interested here is a link.

Recent Blog Posts

Calculate in bash

  • If you want to calculate with an integer it's possible without using other programs.

Check for empty variables

  • If you want to check for a empty bash variable you can do this like given here:

Bash - Parameters

  • The first parameter passed to the script is $1, the second $2 and so on
  • If you want to to check more then one possibilities of parameter passed to the script then a case is useful

Bash - Functions

  • How to use functions in bash

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